Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mulundkar Shoots to New Heights


A photograph speaks a thousand words. This adage seems to be the motivating line for 37-year-old nature lover, mountaineer and travel photographer, Atmaram Parab who has captured nature in its varied forms over a career span of 15 years.

This Arunodaya Nagar residents work has been featured in the April issue of Better Photography, South Asias largest selling photography magazine. Seventeen photos from Parabs trip to Zanskar Valley, Leh, in July 2004 have been published in the magazine. 

Parab along with seven other photographers had also gone to Ladakh to witness the Hemis festival. 

Says Parab, The monks stitch a 40 feet high cloth with intricate embroidery, silk, zari, gold, pearls, etc, which is called a Thangka and is exhibited after every 12 years. Last year, we went specifically to capture this event. 

This is not Parabs first visit to Ladakh. Since 1999, Parab has been travelling to Ladakh every year. He has conducted several exhibitions of his work in Mumbai since then. He says, I want to bring to the forefront unexplored sites in India.

A customs tax assistant by profession, Parabs romance with the camera started during his college days. 

He says, My father owned a camera but never allowed me to touch it. I finally got to use it after he passed away. I had a keen interest in photography and did a diploma in photography from the JJ School of Arts. He considers Manohar Gangan, a national award-winning photographer as his mentor. 

Parab even took lessons from him. 

Talking about his most interesting trip so far, Parab recalls his trip to the Andamans in 2001 where he had taken photographs of the Jarawa, Sentinelese and Onge tribes. 

Parab says, These tribals are not accustomed to outsiders so it was quite risky. I had to take the photographs from a distance. 

Ask him what fascinates him most about photography and Parab says, A photograph speaks volumes and leaves an indelible impact on the mind. Nature captivates me as it is so pure and pristine.

How to get to Ladakh

By air Jet Airways and Indian Airlines. Mumbai-Delhi-Leh
By road Mumbai-Chandigarh/Delhi, Delhi-Manali-Leh. The route from Manali to Leh is 475 km by jeep

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