Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Appeal

                   As you all know, on August 6th the Leh area was hit by a cloud burst, an event which has caused whole villages to be ravaged and entire families are believed to be still buried under the mud. With the deep bonding that we at Isha Tours have with Ladakh and its people, we wish to help them get back on their feet quickly. We have spent the last few days trying to get to grips with the ground reality in Leh and our researches have made us realize that immediate relief in the form of medicines, groceries and clothes is being provided for by the army.
But these are only short term measures; eventually the citizens of Leh and the surroundings will have to get back to rebuilding their shattered lives. However August is the end of the summer and now the locals have to gear up for the winter. Most of our regular drivers and transporters have either lost or damaged their vehicles. Some hotels have also been badly damaged.  As the tourist season is over these people have no hopes of earning their livelihood in the near future, and after much thought it seems that the best way in which we can help is by donating money. This will help in the long term rehabilitation of the people of Leh.  
We appeal to all of you to donate whatever amount is possible for the people of Ladakh. The donated funds will go directly to our contacts in Leh and the surrounding areas –to our guides, drivers, hotel staff. No government agency or middlemen will be involved in this exercise.  The money will help them rebuild their homes and lives. In this way we hope to repay our debt to the land which has given so many of us a chance to enjoy the beauty of the pristine Ladakh Himalayas.
Mr Atmaram Parab will be flying to Leh on the 18th of August and we request you to send in your donations before that date to facilitate the disbursement of the funds to the right people.
This is an informal attempt at fund collection purely on humanitarian grounds , because of our 10 year relationship with Ladakh and Leh, hence no formal receipts will be issued . But a letter of thanks for the money received will be given to every individual contributor (with the amount of contribution mentioned) to serve as proof of receipt.
Funds in the form of cash or cheque can be handed over at our offices in Thane, Dadar and Borivali .Cheques will have to be made out in the name of ISHA TOURS. . For those who wish to transfer funds Online :-

SBI Current  Acc NO : 31077059976
Account Name -   ISHA TOURS .
The ISFC code :- SBIN0005354.

In the case of Online transfer kindly mail or Sms the details (alongwith Name, Contact details and amount transferred) to us so as to enable us to make a note and issue a letter for the same.
For any Queries our addresses and contact nos are as Follows:
Thane: 1A , Murlidhar CHS, Behind Godbole Hospital, Brahman Soc, Naupada, Thane west. Ms 
Vidya Parab  - 09320231910

Dadar- Hendre Castle, Opp Bharat Petroleum Pump , Gokhale Road (North) , Dadar West, Mumbai.  Ms Smita Rege Tel - 09320031910

Borivali– 103 Sai Adarsh, Plot no 447, Off Link road, Borivali (West) 
Ms Anila Naik Tel – 09324531910


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